“A Teacher’s Temptation: Lustful Torture from a Dragon Princess with Enormous Breasts”

Enjo Kouhai Episode 8

Ark Academy, which was chosen as a model case for a school that mixes different races. Worried about Ursula who hasn’t come to the school recently, her teacher found her place in the entertainment district at night. Ursula, who is full of suspicion that she is wearing a uniform in the night town. She was her teacher who tried to bring her back when she was playing dangerously, but Ursula toyed with him even like that. Ursula’s intense torture, and rich fellowship with her changed body. Ursula whispers to him, who is immersed in her irresistible pleasure. “Forget everything as it is and become mine” A plump body that satisfies a man’s lust and a lascivious invitation that makes you forget your resistance. What kind of future does he want as he sways between desire as a man and reason as a teacher? And what is the real intention of Ursula, the princess of the dragon race…? The beautiful breasts of the dragon race Ursula swaying gently on her brown soft skin. For how many seconds can you withstand the ultimate weapon of big breasts and beautiful breasts that matches her body’s gigantic size?

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