visionary 3

“The Vampire Hunt at St. Stoker University”

suika 3

“Deathly Desires: A Tale of Betrayal, Lust, and Murder”

natural another 1

Love Triangle with Teacher and Student Rumors.

nikuyoku gangu takuhainin 2

Boxed for Revenge: Shouji’s Depraved Hunt for Carnal Justice

super naughty maid 2

Leona, The Ultimate Maid: Adultification Test and Sticky P*ssy Pumping!

minerva no kenshi 5

Princess Diana’s Perilous Escape

hooligan 2

Seven Holy Dildos: The Battle to Save the Universe!

kaifuku jutsushi no yarinaoshi 4

“The Ultimate Comeback of a Healing Magician: Rewinding Four Years for Strength”

princess memory 1

Lured to a Cave by a Beautiful Dream Girl: The Mysterious Adventure of Collin

midnight sleazy train 2 ep 3

Midnight Sleazy Train: Boarding through a Perfect Female Guest

linked hospital ward 2

“Kiyosato Hospital: A Doctor’s Vengeful Investigation”

momiji 1

“Maid Without Will: Chaste Girl Taken by Wealthy Master”

chikansha thomas 1

Refreshing Smell of Ayane’s Hips Excites Thomas, Leading to Perverted Activities Everywhere

yuuguu settai kotou no gokuraku e youkoso 2

“Island Janitor Uncovers Molestation Tapes and Succumbs to Evil Desires”

mesu kyoushi injoku no kyoushitsu 3

“Tempting Teachers: Innocence Stolen”

kairaku satsujin chousakan koji 2

Bloodthirsty Monster Hunting with Koji and Morbid Psychic!

kunoichi 2 fall of the shrinemaiden

Shrinemaiden Momiji vs. Tokyo’s Demonic Fiends: A Dark and Sexy Showdown

la blue girl returns 2

Sex Ninjas vs. Demon Perverts – The Ultimate Showdown!

cool devices 2

Cool Devices: A Series of Highly Erotic and Forbidden Tales, Featuring Bondage, Voyeurism, and S&M, Kitty and Bunny Punishment, Poolside Steam, and School Bathroom Relief!

mejoku 1

Humiliating Days of a Fallen Teacher

sweet home h na onee san wa suki desuka 1

Boarding House for Girls: Ryuuichi’s Surprising New Life!

kamyla 2

“Japanese Task Force Battles Human Sex Slavery in Corrupt Society”

ryuusei tenshi primaveil 1

Captured magical girl struggles for survival against alien captors.

leatherman 1

Safe Contents Riding: Cruz’s Uncertain Future

night shift nurses karte 5

Training the Troubled: A Doctor’s Second Chance.

a forbidden time 3

“Tutor Tied Up: College Kids Take Control and Teach Yuki a Lesson”

mitama 2

“Ninja’s Hunt for the Jingi: Trysts and Takedowns”

sweet home h na onee san wa suki desuka 3

Boarding House for Girls: Ryuuichi’s New Life!

bust to bust 2

“Sketchbook Secrets Unveiled: Yaoi Manga Adventures with Classmates and Teacher”

maids in dream 2

Amnesiac Master and his Mysterious Maids

mama 1

“Lost and Lonely Yuichi Learns the Art of Seduction with Two Temptresses!”

gedou gakuen 4

College Apocalypse: The Underworld King’s Demonic Rampage!

flutter of birds 2 tenshi tachi no tsubasa 2

Snowy Encounters: A Journey to My Mother’s Homeland

immoral sisters blossoming 1

Ikaruga High School Temptation: The Examination Theft and Seductive Doctor

tokubetsu byoutou 2

“Procreation Potion: Testing Dual Sex Investigator and Assistants”

oni tensei 2

“The Demon Tattoo: A Detective’s Dark Descent”

cartagra 1

“The Disappearance of Twin Sisters: A Tragic Tale in Ueno”

d1scode 3

Academy Coed with a Hidden Desire Finds Pleasure Everywhere

a forbidden time 5

“Unwilling Tutor Bound and Pleasured by College Students”

hump bang 1

“Slave for Master’s Baby-Making Desires: Hump Bang!”

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