Cosplay College Students with Mysterious Powers Go Wild: Vampire Girl’s Visit!

Doujin Circle b- qoon ‘s blockbuster title, the second title of A1C’s new brand “Delusion Senka” where cosplay college students feel the heroine’s manga !! It is decided to make an animation (3rd episode) with full illness, “Cosplay change-dangerous propensity of pure female college student-” !! A female college student with huge breasts who loves anime and cosplay. Is she the one who changes (synchronizes) the world of animation with the real world with the mysterious power of this girl? Is the content of the anime world changing to naughty? A neat lady college student and a radical busty cosplayer. Which do you prefer? The owner of a nice buddy with a height of 165 cm, a bust of 89 cm, a waist of 52 cm, and a hip of 86 cm is a naive young lady college student, Aima Sister. There were countless men to say from her beauty, and the victims, who were sunk and misanthropic each time, fled around her. The main reason for this was that she fell in love with an anime character and her mysterious ability. Her ability was to invite her and the people involved with her to the world of anime by doing rituals and cosplay changes to become her favorite anime character. .. One day, she found a highly exposed vampire anime character costume at the eaves of a dubious store. She is in tension max and starts trying on her in her store. A metamorphosis store manager with a hobby of transvestite appears there, and the two of them unravel in the world of animation. “Any incident goes into the labyrinth! It’s a vampire girl Vampire’s visit.” A perverted store manager who has a sigh of breath launches an obscene attack on a nice buddy who can not fit in a naughty costume. .. What is the futanari metamorphosis play that unfolds in the lonely Western-style building where cloudy liquid flies !? The futanari huge breasts vampire’s voice echoing in the lonely Western-style building. The special move of a metamorphosis cosplay clerk, “Flame Top High Speed ​​All Version”, sprinkles love juice and semen all over.


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