Cum Protection in the Town of Demons

muma no machi cornelica 3

Aru lives in the Town of Demons, Cornelica where succubuses also live. At his side is the succubus, Lily, who protects him. He lives his everyday life with Lily protecting him from other succubus who are after his cum. After waking up, Aru is asked to work at Rosary’s tavern. Her tits shaking with the slightest movement of her body, Aru has trouble not staring at them. “I knew you were holding it in… Look how hard you are…” Lily saves Aru before he gets eaten. Aru confesses his feelings to Lily as she hugs him while crying. Their feelings matching one another, they join their bodies. Lily continues to say how much she loves Aru as she caresses his dick. But, her eyes glitter dangerously… Will Aru actually survive in this town…

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