Depraved Academy: Slutty Students & Forbidden Desires – Tsundero Strikes!

Tsundero Episode 1

Tsundero / Tsundere is a raunchy anime adaptation of Takeda Hiromitsu’s hentai manga, brought to life by T-Rex Studios and director Raika Ken in September 2023. This steamy hentai is divided into two parts, each exploring the erotic escapades of students in a depraved academy. The first part focuses on Yuka Yoshii, the insatiable school idol, who finds relief in her personal sex toy, Takashi, a skilled cock-sucker. The second part delves into the story of Hitomi, the student council president, who inadvertently incites the wrath of the Aniken circle. Determined to teach her a lesson, they unravel a series of fiery encounters. Prepare for

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