“Excited Classmates Reveal Forbidden Pleasures: Inami Rio Unleashed in Intimate Video!”

Life has changed, and Natta continues to spend days without being able to see Rio. During this time, an intimate video was posted on a particular website… As the posts pile up, Rio, who initially resists but gradually can’t hide her excitement, finally takes off her mask, takes the camera herself, and straddles Kaito… Kimi Wa Yasashiku Netorareru The Animation Episode 4 Featuring HG Chakawa, who is active in various fields as a manga artist and illustrator, the much-anticipated final volume of the popular original NTR series is here! With a special jacket drawn by HG Chakawa! Story: Having both passed their desired university, they embark on their new life as college students. Despite spending days without being able to meet, Natta finds reassurance in the pendant around Rio’s neck during their occasional video dates. Meanwhile, a video has been posted on a certain website. The intimate video of a woman named Rio has become a hot topic among their classmates. “That’s Inami, right? Her?” “It’s definitely Inami Rio, isn’t it?” The viewers grow excited at her disheveled appearance in the video. As the posts continue, Rio, initially resisting but gradually unable to hide her excitement, finally removes her mask, takes the camera, and straddles Kaito…


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