“Naughty Pocket Tissue Leads to Depraved Nymphomaniac Woman and Human Urinal Adventure”


Something odd was written on a pocket tissue that I didn’t remember getting from anyone. “I’m a naughty cum urinal. Come use me.” Someone must be playing a joke, but on a hunch I let myself believe that scrap of paper, and followed the “scent” into a night of debauchery. The 9th production from SYLD, the 6th title in the 3D Nymphomaniac Woman series. Perverse “human toilet” bondage fellatio, penetration, creamy orgasms Cum hard and often thanks to a hentai onna who does it all: bareback sex, paizuri, multiple positions and finishes, and naturally, anal fucking. Fully voiced by Kotone Akatsuki. Experience a genuine performance that truly sells the intense lust of the character.

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