Obscurity to Idol: The Seductive Path to Success

teakamamire no tenshi the animation 1

The spotlight is on Kisaragi Reina. Fulfilling her childhood dream, she makes her idol debut. However, she has lofty career aspirations, and her road to success is a difficult one. She is relatively unknown in the industry, and her days of relative obscurity and little work continue. She can’t tell what separates her from her talent agency’s more successful idols. She brings the matter up directly with her producer. Reina tries not to show her anger and impatience, and her producer, though reluctant to put in the effort, tells her, “I’ll get you a connection. The rest is up to you.” Reina is suspicious of his dismissive tone, but she meets with a man who is a high-ranking executive in the industry. An unmistakably sexy outfit, people undressing her with their eyes… What does an idol need to do to really make it in the industry? She has the determination to devote all of herself to her work and the conviction to walk the path of an “idol”.

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