“Renseijutsushi Colette and the Beastly Lust: A Sensual Adventure in the Mountains”

Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari

The animation is based on their popular RPG game, “Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari” (錬精術士コレットのHな搾精物語), and it is the third installment in the series. The story revolves around two characters living peacefully in the mountains: the mysterious and beautiful Renseijutsushi Priscilla, and her beloved disciple Colette, who was found and raised by Priscilla. Colette aims to become the world’s greatest Renseijutsushi by collecting semen and using her art of alchemy. The story is filled with charming, buxom characters who add color to the tale as they engage in various sensual activities. After successfully defeating an ogre in the grasslands, Colette receives a new quest that involves collecting materials from insects, which she dislikes. Along the way, she encounters Rebecca, a strong and enthusiastic beast-woman mercenary. Rebecca insists that Colette must overcome her fear of insects if she wants to continue her profession. The two face a powerful monster and are caught in a sticky situation, but they manage to retreat. Colette and Rebecca then meet a beast-man hunter named Garou. Upon seeing him, Rebecca’s attitude changes completely, and she becomes determined to seduce the muscular, shy hunter. In the beast realm, the norm is to engage in unprotected sex and finish inside their partners, with no limits.

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