Petit Coquettish Doll – Revenge Mount Training on Cute Characters in Discipline 2 Immortal Masterpiece by Blue Gale


Depaga and others have newly arrived at the “Petit” label coquttish doll! Blue Gale’s immortal masterpiece “Discipline 2” is the 2nd animation that makes erotic cute characters fall for revenge mount ○○ training! The next target of Manabu, who has begun to counterattack the demotion at the window, is his former lover, Maya. Her interest in her who is stuck in ○○ service with her unfaithfulness with her manager fades, and her next prey and her sister-in-law, Honami, are soggy! Yuri Otome who is secretly disturbed with her junior Rie. It’s cloudy that pushes into such a girlfriend’s sister with the goodness of a man! Humiliated Namaiki Sister Who Is Grieving With More ○○! The cute and juicy beautiful girl Yuri heroine is attacked by uniform service and your crotch is also close relatives ejaculation!

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