cool devices 2

Cool Devices: A Series of Highly Erotic and Forbidden Tales, Featuring Bondage, Voyeurism, and S&M, Kitty and Bunny Punishment, Poolside Steam, and School Bathroom Relief!

gedou gakuen 4

College Apocalypse: The Underworld King’s Demonic Rampage!

magical twilight 2

“Three Witches, One Target: Who Will Win Tsukasa’s Heart or End His Life?”

dragon pink 2

“The Cursed Panties of Torijama unleash a wild adventure of sex and danger for Dragon Pink and her crew”

injuu kyoushi 2

Passion Unleashed: A Tale of Lust and Fear at a Women’s Academy.

dragon rider 1

Dragon Knight Rike: The Unveiling of Karisu’s Secret.

cool devices 1

Cool Devices: Erotic Stories Without Censorship (Episodes 1-3)

doukyuusei natsu no owari ni 4

The Sensual Odyssey of Wataru and Five Young Women in End of Summer!

nessa no wakusei 2

Galactic Virgin: Kate Uncovers Sensational Rapes on Desert Planet.

shin angel 2

Flashback of Love: The Lecherous Boy I Once Knew

choujin densetsu urotsukidouji inferno road 3

Osaka Showdown: The Final Battle of Urotsukidoji

kakyuusei 2

High School Harem: Who Will Capture Kakeru’s Heart?

nageki no kenkou yuuryouji 2

Frantic, Frustrated And Female: The Desperate Search for the Perfect Solution!

shin angel 5

Weekend with Kosuke: A Hope for Love.

stainless night 1

“Awakening of a Mysterious Woman: Seduction of Three Beauties”

kakyuusei 1

“High School Harem: Kakeru’s Quest for Love”

injuu kyoushi 3

Intense Passion Unleashed: Atsuko and Sayaka’s Lustful Encounter With Evil.

nageki no kenkou yuuryouji 3

Frantic, Frustrated, and Female: Hiroe’s Insane Quest for the Ultimate Orgasm

dragon pink 3

Dragon Pink: A Sexy Adventure for the Bold and the Brave

magical twilight 3

“Final Exam Witches Battle to Win Over Regular Guy”

kakyuusei 3

“High School Harem: Which Girl Will Capture Kakeru’s Heart?”

shin angel 3

Flashes of Decency: Shizuka’s Quest to Tame Kosuke’s Lustful Ways

injuu kyoushi 4

Passion Unleashed: A Lesbian Love Story Turned Nightmare

minerva no kenshi 2

Princess Diana: Captured by Depraved Slave Traders!

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