natural another 1

Love Triangle with Teacher and Student Rumors.

oni tensei 2

“The Demon Tattoo: A Detective’s Dark Descent”

meiking 3

The Shepherd turned Lord: Can Cain handle the pressure and his harem of beautiful women?

mugen no kyoukai 1

Animalistic Dream World: Kengo’s Awakening

kuro no danshou 3

Trapped in a Snowy Resort: Susuki’s Investigation Begins!

ai doll 3

From Convent to Love Doll: Rachel’s Search for Pleasure.

kokudo ou 1

“Royal Love Triangle: Two Princesses for the King’s Heart”

fairy forest remi chan 1

“Mystical forest fairy fulfills sexual desires, but dark past brings danger”

endless serenade 1

Infatuation Dilemma: My Late Brother’s Fiance or My Shy Red-Headed Coworker?

koihime 2

Childhood Friends and Supernatural Secrets: Musashi’s Forbidden Love.

inmu ikenie no utage 2

Punishment of the Haughty Fashion Designer.

a forbidden time 2

“Bound and Teased: Yuki’s Unwilling Lesson in Pleasure”

kowaremono 3

Android Maid’s Hidden Desires Uncovered by Her Master

dark 2

Campus Rape, Voyeurism, and Sadism: A Descent into Darkness

hinadori no saezuri 2

The Depraved Legacy of Dred Burton: A New Level of Service for the Maids.

oni tensei 3

“Tattooed Demon Savagery: A Detective’s Descent into Sin”

campus 1

A Past Life Revisited: A Forbidden Desire Fulfilled

triangle heart sazanami joshiryou 1

“Substitute Janitor’s Secret Recipe Seduction”

tonari no onee san 2

Memory of a Dream Woman

words worth 4

War of Light and Shadow: Secrets Unlocked by Lust!

shin ruriiro no yuki 1

“Cheap Rent Leads to Explosive Encounter with Snow Fairy Roommate”

words worth 3

Words Worth: Battle of the Tribes!

koihime 1

Childhood Friends Reunited: Musashi’s Hidden Desires and Supernatural Secrets Exposed!

kinbaku no yakata ryakudatsu 1

Dark Secrets and Sexual Competition in the Mansion

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