otaku ni yasashii gal toka kyonyuu no osananajimi toka 1

Random Otaku Loser’s Pleasure

jii tousaku 1

“Addiction to Masturbation: Saeko and Sayaka’s Explosive Sex Escapades”

midnight sleazy train 2 ep 3

Midnight Sleazy Train: Boarding through a Perfect Female Guest

chinetsu karte the devilish cherry 2

“The Devilish Cherry: Seduction in the Hospital”

leatherman 1

Safe Contents Riding: Cruz’s Uncertain Future

jk to ero giin sensei 2

Virginity Offered by Well-Bred Sailor Beauty in an Old Travel Lodge

bust to bust 2

“Sketchbook Secrets Unveiled: Yaoi Manga Adventures with Classmates and Teacher”

maids in dream 2

Amnesiac Master and his Mysterious Maids

a forbidden time 4

“Tutoring Turns Kinky: College Kids Take Control of Yuki’s Body!”

mune kyun heartful cafe 1

Opposite Personalities, Same Love: Living with Him in a Cafe

kininaru kimochi 3

Elevator Assault: Sexy Short Stories

choubatsu yobikou 2

“Elite High School’s Dark Secret: Training Sex Slaves for Money”

kawarazaki ke no ichizoku 2 ep 2

Passionate Desires: A Two-Day Nightmare of Abnormalities

anata dake konbanwa 1

“Visions of Reiko: The Maid and the Mansion”

honoo no haramase doukyuusei 1

Dorm Peeping: Impregnate to Dominate!

nee chanto shiyouyo 3

“My six elder sisters and I: A forbidden love returns”

2x1 ep 1

Passionate Noriko’s Feverish Obsession with Junichi and Satoshi!

gitai saimin 2

“Alien Infested Delusions: The Tentacled Takeover of Murakoshi’s Manhood”

gibo no toiki 2

“Stepmom’s Betrayal: A Forbidden Affair”

nosewasure 1

“100 Creampies to Get Her Own Male Genitalia: Ayano-sensei’s Wild Quest”

eroge sex game make sexy games 2

Eroge Studio’s Savior: A Tale of Passion and Redemption

sotsugyou chikan densha 2

“Train Teacher Look-a-Like Fantasy Fulfilled”

starless 1

Mansion Entrusted to Horny Servants.

keraku no ou 3

“Revenge of the Bullied: Turning Disdain into Desire”

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