“The M Note’s Power: Souta’s Desires Written, All Women Become His Slaves”

do s na seitokaichou sama ga m note 2

Souta uses the M Note’s power to allow him to spank Shino, the student council president’s aide. With the power of the notebook in his hands, he writes his desires in it to his heart’s content. He wants all women to become his slaves. “Hi, Souta-kun! Wake up!” President Maina stands before him. Usually she’d belittle him right after saying hello, but today she’s showing off her massive breasts in a modified school uniform! “Master… If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late.” Souta used to barely even exist so far as President Maina was concerned, but now she’s his slave! However… “You’ve got to get your act together, Master!” Despite his new status of master, he’s still down on all fours, serving as President Maina’s footrest. “M-Maina! This is an order. Put both your hands on this desk, and stick out your ass!” Souta wants Maina to know her place as his slave. He nervously gives her the command.

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