“Held Captive, Ravished and Made to Stand: Ikumi’s Shocking Fate Revealed!”

Tanba approaches Ikumi’s younger sister, Shizuka, who is detained in the janitor’s room. At that moment, the mobile phone rings. Tanba reluctantly picks up the phone. The person on the phone was Anno. Tanba reluctantly releases Shizuka and heads to the movie theater where she was summoned. There was Ikumi being molested at the movie theater. Anno and Tanba are watching from behind. The story that Anno summoned Tanba was that Gonda, a delinquent student who had entered a juvenile training school, was released from prison. Anno was planning to use his subordinate students to get Gonda to train Ikumi. Gonda, who has the physique of a professional wrestler, was detained in a juvenile training school for raping many girls. All the women who were hit by Gonda had their anal ripped. Gonda’s was filled with pearls. Anno wanted to see how he would be developed by assigning Ikumi to this man. Gonda is guided to an abandoned school building by the students under Yasuno’s control, and sees Ikumi hanging in the classroom. Gonda likes Ikumi at first sight. She licks Ikumi’s body and sticks her enema in her anus. Ikumi, who has been developed by her lustful body, is in heat with Gonda’s smell and gets wet with Gonda’s attack… is made to stand. She shows off her orgies in front of a large audience. After that, a special stage is prepared and the play partner is called. Ikumi who saw the opponent is astonished. Makoto, who had disappeared, is standing there in bondage!


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