Tokio Private Police: Crime, Sex, and Mecha-Freaks in 2034 Tokyo!

tokio kidou police 1

Based on the novel by Hakage Tatenao. Japan 2034 AD. Crime and violence have reached record highs all around New Tokyo City. Every citizen in Tokyo is involved in some kind of crime every minute. Because of the increase of slums and lower taxes, the police force has been severely downsized and now they’re so inept, that they depend on private security companies to maintain the city’s safety. Now its become common to hire private security companies to protect themselves. Companies such as the Tokio Private Police. However, just because they’re undermanned, doesn’t mean they can’t take a little time out to enjoy themselves while they rescue their clientele from all sorts of villainy. Manager Shibata is managing his sultry affair with Kieko Yamagami, the new captain of the mobile police force and yet he continues to provide inspiration to all of his officers. Offices like Noriko Ibuki, the newest recruit recently transferred from the infamous Ginza branch. Her tomboyish looks don’t help her get any dates but she still finds the man of her dreams on her very own team. Can Noriko survive being embarrassed on just the first day of training? Meet our hapless group of mecha-freaks, frustrated recruits, and nymphomaniacs that make up the Tokio Private Police! Watch this heart-warming story of the members of the Mobile Police Force, filled with love, friendship, sex, sweat, mud and semen.

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