“Upper Class Bully Seduces Immoral Hobbyist For Revenge”

Yari Agari Episode 2 1

Serina and others in the upper class of the school caste. A flower that fell from there. Relentless bullying from her childhood friend Serina. Despite the misunderstanding, she has put up with it to some extent, but in the escalating situation, Ichika discovers Shinji’s hidden hobby that she has been observing every day, and turns around, leading Serina, who is successful in the lower ranks, to greedily fuck. Shinji The humiliation of being forced to show her immoral entanglement in front of her childhood friend, Serina decides to condemn Shinji…. On the other hand, Ichika, as if to counterattack further, follows Serina like a goldfish with big breasts. I am aiming at Aoi, the disciplinary committee chairman….  

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