Virgin Otaku Conquered By Sexy Gal Yua: A Steamy Romance

otaku ni yasashii gal toka kyonyuu no osananajimi toka 2 cv1

Queen Bee Studio has announced an anime adaptation of the manga “Otaku ni Yasashii Gal toka, Kyonyuu no Osananajimi toka” by Fumihiko. In the first episode of This, Kageura, a bespectacled otaku, was called to the sports equipment pantry, in which some gyaru girls gathered. One of them, Yua, being confident in herself, decided to play a game with this guy but lost, because in front of everyone she decided to deprive him of his virginity, sitting on him, she defiantly showed him how his penis penetrates her body! That’s only after all this, Yua was so fascinated by this member that constantly remembering that moment, she began to feel a strong excitement in her pussy. And as soon as she once again runs into him in the corridor, she drags him into the ladies’ room to properly come off, pulls off his trousers and suddenly starts sucking. Their bodies passionately need each other, and in the process of having sex, they decide to start dating! After some time, already in a relationship, the girl came to visit him, he proudly told her and boasted about his collection of figurines. Jealous of his figure, Yua declares that she should be the only girl for him, after which she begins to please him!

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