“VR Game Seduction: Sadako’s Unleashed Lust”

toshi densetsu series 5

An avid gamer, Ryota was having fun with a popular VR game that was out. He was doing his usual thing, taking a break after defeating some monsters when he is called out to from behind. Turning around, he finds a girl with long black hair wearing a wizard costume standing in front of him. Ryota tries to leave after she asks him some weird questions, but she grabs him by the arm and stops him. And then she asked him if he wanted to have sex with her. Ryota refuses, saying there’s no way they could inside the game. But, she seduces him with several costumes that shouldn’t even be available inside the game. The ability to rewrite the code at will… Her true identity is the monster that existed in the infamous “cursed video”, Sadako.

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