“Hashitanai Innocence: Cheeky Gal’s Shameful Transformation with Teacher’s Punishment”

Adult-oriented animated work, “Hashitanai Innocence,” which is the latest installment in the “そしてわたしは (Soshite Watashi wa)” series under the “gail fee・NÜR” label. The story focuses on a cheeky, inexperienced gal and her older sister, who is a shut-in. In this new chapter, the setting shifts to a school where a serious, honor-student virgin transforms into a cheeky gal. The serious-minded teacher tries to punish her with his own method. Meanwhile, the shut-in older sister complains but eventually succumbs to a humiliating experience. Amidst all this, the younger sister returns to her serious demeanor, trying to dispel her father’s worries. The father, however, continues to push his boundaries with the sisters, whose resistance gradually weakens. This work aims to captivate the audience with the shame and humiliation experienced by the beautiful girls. It showcases the classic teacher-student dynamic and invites the viewers to enjoy the story to its fullest. DVD special features include: – A “Real Ecstasy Ver” menu where you can choose whether or not to have background music in the DVD menu Story: It’s been a while, teacher. The older sister, Nao, enjoys her shut-in life in the shadow of her beloved younger sister. However, she hears her sister’s lewd moans from behind the door and discovers her father’s involvement. The person she once briefly learned from had shared a mutual admiration with her, but that moment has now vanished. “I am disappointed in you. I won’t let you touch my sister anymore.” The shut-in older sister tries to protect her younger sister but is ultimately no match for her father. As the hateful teacher becomes involved in the sisters’ lives, the cheeky gal reveals her true nature once again.


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