“Island Secrets: Scandalous Tapes of Molesting and Sympathy Revealed”

yuuguu settai kotou no gokuraku e youkoso 1

In an isolated island far away from the main land, there was a training facility owned by a high school. Because the janitor had died suddenly, Ohmi Riku took over the job, for a period limited time of two weeks. His life was supposed to be calm surrounded by cute girls of swimming club and the teacher. His life changed when he found a lot of video tapes sneakily recorded. In the video tapes, there was a scene a man, who was probably a predecessor, was molesting a girl in swimsuit. Then Riku found that the predecessor was always taking sneak pictures. At first, he looked down on him and sealed the video tape. However, he began to sympathize with the predecessor’s evil spirit…

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