Shinobi Showdown: Karyuu vs Uzume!

kage 3

It is the end of the Shogunate period in Japan, and the Shinobi are struggling to survive by working underground as contract assassins. One of these female Shinobi assassins is Karyuu. To complete her deadly missions, she takes full advantage of her excellent fighting techniques as well as her radiant sex appeal. One evening, Karyuu sneaks into a house to assassinate a man and finds the target flirting with a maidservant. When she tries to erase him, her attack is thwarted by the maid, who turns out to be another contract assassin named Uzume. Before Karyuu’s stunned eyes, Uzume carries out her own mission to execute the man! Thus, the fierce battle between Karyuu and Uzume begins!

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