“Sisters Love Sullied: Corrupting Beautiful Students in Tsugunai Episode 4”

Toshoshitsu No Kanojo Seiso Na Kimi Ga Ochiru Made Episode 5

Tsugunai Episode 4 For the Sake of My Beloved Little Sister, I Must ‘Educate’ These Beautiful Female Students ツグナヒ 潔癖生真面目・葵~絶望の姉妹愛~ The ‘Petit’ label’s ‘coquttish doll’ series welcomes a fresh wave of masochistic beauties! Bluergill’s immortal classic ‘Tsugunai’ is reborn as the fourth instalment in the animation series, filled with cute, erotic characters and epic scenes of degradation! In order to avenge his precious little sister who was harmed, he meticulously gains the trust of his beautiful female students, leading them down a path of moral downfall! After humiliating the haughty young mistress Ruriko, it’s time for the cheeky sports girl, Natsuki, to receive her ‘lessons’! The unexpectedly diligent gal, Meiko, is corrupted through traumatic ‘education’! Following harshly scolding and tormenting Kanami, who herself seeks it out, he turns his attention to the diligent honor student, Aoi, for the final ‘instruction’!

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